Know the types of payroll loans

The payroll loan is not the villain of finance as many people think. As with any practice, a credit application must be analyzed according to the type and conditions. In this way, he becomes a way out of getting into debt or making a dream come true.

For this, there are several types of payroll loans that take into account the applicant’s activities. Then, check below the main types of this type of financing and the characteristics and indications for one of them. Follow.

GFIC Pensioners


The payroll loan can be requested in an amount that the monthly payment does not exceed 30% (consignable margin) of your gain. The main advantage is the rates, which, in this modality, are considerably lower than in other credits such as overdraft, for example.

There is a modality aimed at GFIC pensioners, whether you are retired or beneficiary of the Good Finance Investment Corporation (GFIC).

To do this, simply contact a financial institution that provides this service, which in some cases can be requested over the internet. It is worth mentioning that, according to the credit policy of banks and the Institute itself, the maximum age for applying for this loan is 80 years.

The terms of payment and release of amounts depend on a cadastral analysis. In addition, there is the levy of the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations), but there is no charge for fees.

In some financial institutions, there is the possibility of making the portability of credit that is when you switch the operations of companies. In this situation, IOF is not charged.

The payroll loan for GFIC pensioners provides terms of up to 72 months to settle the installments that will be directly debited to your benefit, with this, you will not run the risk of delaying payment.

The rates are around 2.08%, that is, lower than in other types of credit. Conditions and fees can vary widely between banks and finance companies. So, always research very well and compare prices and rates before hiring.

Armed Forces Staff


Category indicated for employees and members of organizations that are authorized to use force for the defense of the country, such as the Navy, Air Force, and Army Military. Conditions include both active and inactive military personnel.

For a bank to be able to offer the payroll loan to employees of the armed forces, it needs to have an agreement with the organization that you provide or provided services, be it Air Force, Navy or Army.

This is due to the discount on the installments, which, as we said, is made directly in your payment.

Payroll loan for military personnel


Among the conditions and advantages, the deadline for paying off the credit, which is between three and 96 months, and the rates, which start at 1.50% per month, stand out. In addition to the lower interest rate, the concession is very simple, quick and without much red tape.

The payroll loan for military personnel also has advantages such as the quick release of the amount, there is no consultation at Good Finance Investment Corporation and there is no need to present a guarantor.

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